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super stuffy
September 15, 2009, 11:38
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in case you missed our newest treats creation, buried in the pile of new partssss we see stacking up all around us. we cant seem to stop ordering new parts and commissioning new molds. recommissioning the dead and i can barely move in here. the shelves are sagging under the weight. as we learned in earlier days the heaviest parts go on top. to keep me grounded and the shelves are intackt. t see here; super stuffy. E50 puch crankshaft stuffed with the highest quality aluminum we could lay our hands on. this is a rito crank. . ……..,,this is a rito crank………, this is a rito crank,. . . ,  . this is not a rito crank.  but with better a bearing. the  silver needle bearing. behold——— too. two lube holes, for lubrication of wrist pins, pistons, needles, bearings and the like. improved flow of oil. yet with improvement you will find thissss at a fraction of the cost and at a higher quality doing away with the issues that have plagued ritos.  as the largest CRANK dealers in the US oh by far by far, we do know some things, something a few things.  this first pressing is going fast, don’t be the last. we break the molds and move on. its like ltd edition pressings of records man, don’t miss it or suffer.  as cervantes would say by the street of by-and-by, one arrives at the house of never.

this the entrance to no. not never.


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Hooray for the ever-expanding kingdom of Treatland.

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