treats flash

mysterious no. competion found, it seems to be called yes?

mysteriously spotted in between the independent kingdom of treatland and its annex on valencia – no.

it appears already no. has competion in this store called yes, that has a half treats gang logo in the window, bizzare incomprehensible iconography.

e50 cdi will be in on weds, delayed due to heavy rains, pardon.

independent kingdom of treatland begins official mourning for the loss of their indentured servant to nashville, what mysteries of servitude she has awaiting there we do not know. goodbye for now dearest indentured servant.


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Mourn not a loss, but perhaps.. if you will, patiently await the return of the prodigal servant.
Times are strange and mysterious.
Treatland has my heart in the palm of it’s hands; it’s quite obvious from the daze and haze I’ve been in for 2 days straight.
❤ Love,
Your forever Indentured Servant

Comment by Indentured Servant

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