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new shipping rates and finally GILARDONIS with the OG head yah

Today we decided to lower our shipping rates slightly in some areas, you will see some changes, and some of you will see no changes. hmm mysterious! cheaper shipping means more cash to spend on tacos and treats yay. club taco! (listen to the club taco song, made one club taco night by some treaters, yeahhh) Our new shipping logarithim uses the same neuro fuzzy logic as found in my favorite rice cooker, the amazing zojirushi, I got mine for $80 new on ebay score! they are sooo rad if you love rice and treating out. it keeps the rice at the perfecto warm temperature for up to 3 days, or 4 or 5 if you are daring! and if you aren’t into neuro fuzzy logic then you well, hmm.  if you try to eat it after more than 5 days you might turn into a zombie.

in other dreamy news we received a nice pile of gilas with the OG head finally, yeahhhhhh

(rufus put the freaking photo here man!) (ok here ya go)



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wow.. $80 new is a great price on that zojirushi…. They try to sell those in stores up here for like $200… but I $80 is a steal even in japan…

I want a new rice cooker…. does it play music when it finishes cooking?

Comment by Casey G

yeahhh it plays music when it starts and when it finishes, i think you even have a choice of a few different melodies, so rad. I gave mine away as a present now I need one, arghhhh benji

Comment by treatshq

Oh man… soooo many great meals… Gotta love the Pavlovian effect of the ditty.

$80? Wow. I paid a lot more.

Comment by Mishary

They make cake too… All I need is a way to slap it on my Maxi.

Comment by Mishary

hey benji,
do you own a car?
I was hit with this question today:)

Comment by Chasperesquire

a car? no freakin way man. no need here, and now. all the cars i have owned I must be able to sleep in and make into mini homes too for long distance wanderings into the depths of the americas, southwards ohhh

Comment by treatshq

oh my god, i love tako tako!

Comment by ava

oh my god, i love tako taco!

Comment by ava

oh my god, i love taco taco!

Comment by ava

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