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my best satanic purchase of the day
May 26, 2009, 09:03
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i love 8 tracks, and redd kross plays citadel on teen babes from monsanto, as well as one of hq’s mysterious sayings that kiss song what the deuce! yehhhhh


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redd kross rocks! haven’t said it yet but on some sort of similar music wavelength these days with the makeup, the fall

Comment by mike park

born innocent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by treatshq

despite my illustrious collection of 8-tracks (200+ of the rarest psychedelic, moog, and other oddities), I can say that this is not one that I own … I did once buy the original vinyl, with the 3-D graphic, for 50 cents at a garage sale. I won’t tell you what decade that was, but you can guess …

Comment by Rob

i have a enormous collection, not illustrious alas, as my friend works at a thrift store and gets all the 8 tracks that come in for me. I take them all, no matter what they are. some of my favorites are the ones recorded off the radio in the 70s, one mix labeled sal soul disco, bill cosby’s disco bill, all the random mix tapes, a few VU, sparks, and hmm well isaac hayes and such. I had an 8 track player in my station wagon for a long time, I drove up and down the west coast a lot, all around the country thru the midnite hours listening to the strangest 8 tracks. its like a hallucination when i think back to all that weird soul and disco and weak headlights on desert roads everything all dark except for the star lit skies. for some reason I can listen to all these genres of music on 8 track I could never go near on record. there is magic in 8 tracks, literally — ohhhhhh I think I am going to release a 8 track on our record label this year, note to benji at 4 am. remember this.

Comment by treatshq

yes, I agree. just as magical as mopeds and perfect for time traveling … 8 track heaven is awesome, as is the 8 track documentary, “So Wrong, They’re Right.” I only have two Sparks tapes … some sell for big bucks on e-bay these days … The Melvin’s did an 8-track in 2k called “Live at Slims.” it was super limited because the recorder they were copying the tapes to broke down after 50 or so tapes … Amoeba wanted 125 for the tape!! there was a band called the Sal Soul Orchestra. also, look out for Sesame Street Fever (disco sesame street). and, yes, it is amazing what you will hear differently with an 8-track … I have to buy another van so I can play tapes again!! This is my most “satanic” 8-track

Comment by Rob

i want to put out an 8 track this year, i just need to figure out how hmmm any ideas anyone? buy a bunch of blank tapes and make a really crummy recording onto them? what machine do i need, ohh ebay has it I am sure. a mini 8 track factory in HQ yes, genius idea of the year for meeeeeee.

Comment by treatshq

i like my evaporators 8 track too, nardwuar put it out in like 2004 or so! yeahhhhhh

Comment by treatshq

I have a nice home recording unit … one of the nicest ever made, but it tends to blow some part so that only one channel (in stereo) records/plays … annoying … I haven’t hooked it up in years, so maybe I should check that out … troll around on 8 Track Heaven and see what peeps used for semi-professional mastering (it’s all a blur to me)… it would be cool if you could get some awesome bands on it. I am sure Jeremy at World Famous in SF would be into it (Hard Place rocked last night) … blank tapes are pretty abundant on e-bay, but can be pricey. I have a couple I can give you/donate, for sure. I think the Melvins just recorded over thrift store tapes (I know … awful, but thrifty).

Comment by Rob

sick we gotta talk soonnnn

Comment by treatshq

i had a sweet “portable” 8 track player for ever that i would play my dad’s frank zappa 8 tracks on. then one day he and i busted it open and did some soldering and turned it into my first guitar amp. i still have that thing somewhere.

Comment by terrydean

yeahhhh rocker!!! i wanna see it.

Comment by treatshq

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