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new bridez cd and 7″ in treatland

BRIDEZ “evilroad” review from Aquarius records: “Sometimes you just gotta get down and dirty, sleazy and rocking, and we have to say it’s been hard to find bands doing that sort of thing right these days. So thank the stars for Bridez, a San Francisco band who make sounds made reckless nights on the dancefloor, beer soaked chaos, reminding us that rock n roll is supposed to be trashy and wild and impassioned! There is definitely a ’90s vibe happening on Evilroad that reminds us of all those great records by bands like L7, Babes In Toyland, 7 Year Bitch, Hole, Mudhoney, The Gits, Royal Trux, etc. that we’ve recently been revisiting, reveling in how damn good they still are. For their debut full length Bridez teamed up with Greg Ashley of Gris Gris fame producing and he definitely brings his keen sense of melody and atmosphere to the Bridez’ high energy infectious rock assault. While we’re sure lead singer Liza Thorn is sick of the Courtney Love comparisons, there is no denying that her voice and energy conjures images of the Courtney we used to go crazy for circa Pretty On The Inside and Live Through This. But while she commands plenty of attention the rest of the band have some serious chops as well and a truly relentless spirit which helps make Bridez a full on band to take notice of. While much of their reputation surrounds their reckless and chaotic live shows, it’s awesome to hear that behind all the commotion and mayhem, this band has some seriously great songs running happening too. So fucking good!”

bridez myspace

produced by greg ashley (of gris gris, and more more more) CD casing masterfully printed by our friends the evil ivar and co at the KEY printing in oakland yeahhhhh

bridez 7

brides evilroad


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that albums sooo sick!

Comment by brandon love!?!

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