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a typical sample question and answer session at treatland in the early afternoon

i have a 70 cc parma i inherited from a friend. it came with a piston that was too tight. then i drank two cups of coffee, slapped it on the lathe and now it is too loose. i will not make this mistake again.   does the treats 70cc piston have the right stroke for a parmakit? is it even close?
finally loving his magnum cock that he finnaly got

XXXX(name hidden to protect the innocent or guilty?)


You shouldn’t have slapped it on, you should have slipped it in. Penetration is always a better option than beating.
Also, it’s better to be drunk than spun out on coffee when slapping or slipping.
This should prevent you from making these fatal mistakes again. Its also not a good idea to trust things that are too loose.
Alas, we have no idea if the piston will match up. If you wanna buy it, you can. If it doesn’t work you can return it for a refund minus shipping.
Thanks! Your loves in treatland
Keep loving your cock.

**UPDATE** a sample of how serious the shipping is taken at hq

no question just an answer here :

Okay, we are going to take double, triple, quadruple care to make sure that this has every single piece in it! We don’t want to be the cause of anymore frustration here from treatland. We want to be the cause of treats!
We’ve threatened to take away everyone’s paycheck if they fuck up your order. And, that if they mess it up, when you come in August, you are free to ram burritos up the asses of the shipping department. Allllll niiiiight loooonggggggg! Deeeeep! Haaaard! Yeaaaaaaaah!


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If you have the 45mm Puch Parma kit the 45mm Piston Benji has is the same thing.

Comment by derek

wow, i love this blog

Comment by joshua jones

dear benji i had a dream and you were in it, we were riding mopeds somewhere, probably where you live but we went to a dispensary and the weed was expensive, they pulled it outa the floor and we took it then rode around then that was it, other people were there but i dont know who the end

Comment by HOMAR

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