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May 19, 2009, 05:26
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the reviews are in! I mean on! you can write a review! it’s on the site. you can write a hundred reviews!! a thousand! you can be the master of moped knowledge. be the Siskel & Ebert of treatland. make treatland into a bottomless pit of useless information. black star rating system!! 1- 5 stars. found at the bottom of the product description pages. if a product has no reviews, click on “Be the first to write a review”. log into your account to edit any reviews you’ve written. rate the reviews bad or good, yes or no, come or go.

please note that inaccurate reviews will be deleted. good reviews, bad reviews, shit talking, glorifying, write what you like. they are for your fellows, your compadres, boy toys, gang members, girlfriends, and lovers, write with anger in your heart, love on your mind, humor in your mouth and tacos in your teeth.


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hahaha, one of the “possible related posts” up there


says “5 star ratings are worthless”

…they don’t know anything – so much powerr!

Comment by michael

but tacos for two is better than not at all good n really not worthless

Comment by treatshq

independent kingdom of treatland shall slowly = decay of the internet due to the incessant scribble scrabble ribble rabble worthless chatter

Comment by treatshq

all things decay eventually …how else would we become zombies

Comment by michael

I write reviews 🙂

Comment by Leon

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