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wild in the streets, happy daze (again as always)

these are happy daze in treatland.  the chaiwallah is happy, the master of shipping is happy, the dept of weights n measures is happy, the inventory control supreme master is happy, the indentured servant is happy, and benji is happy.  there are tons of good shows this weekend and wild in the streets (running, running) oh yes. so in short the bliss of early summer.  we’ve also added to our empire and acquired an enormous new treats palace which will be like a treats fallout refugee gang hideout, its huge and insane and a dream.  I can’t wait.  we (the treats refugees) will be moving there in august, away from our beloved first treats HQ in soma where treats hq (the store) began, in my lil 80 sq ft bedroom just 2 years ago. the new “no.” store will open one day soon and 440 treat – home of will continue to be its happy self.  how the daze have changed.  ahhhh summer. yeahhhhhhh


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don’t forget this awesome show.

Comment by andy

Comment by andy

THIS one:

Happening at The Parkside (17th at Wisconsin) THIS Friday, May 15th starting at 9pm….

Those of you lucky enough to catch the 2006 tour of New Rock Syndicate and LSD March know the awesome power (and incredible drinking ability) of this new(er) group–fronted by guitar monster Kawaguchi Masami, previously known from his work with Miminokoto, LSD March, and Broomdusters, among others. Having brought Miminokoto to an end, New Rock Syndicate rises, with bassist Akira Kikuchi and drummer Nao Shibata (Hijokaidan, Doodles) filling out the trio. The project’s name doesn’t lie: be ready for some heavy riffage in a Blue Cheer-meets-Rallizes-cum-Nuggets-style fuzz zone. Some of you may know the great difficulty bands have getting through US customs on a regular basis. Check these guys out now, because they may not make it back for another few years!

Perhaps the best known purveyors of the current wave of krauty-psychedelia revival, these guys are steadily developing as a force to be reckoned with in the whatever – this- thing- is- that’s- happening- right- now – is -gonna -be -called -ten -years -from- now – scene. It’s been almost a year since I seen em’ conjur spirits at Big Sur and I’m sure it’s only gotten that much better.

ETERNAL TAPESTRY (PDX, not not not not not fun)
Speaking of conjurin’ spirits, these guys blew many a folk away a year ago last winter when I saw em in LA and Davis. Not Not Fun related folks round out a severely mind-liquefying blend of Ash Ra Temple and Can with vocals that bring to mind Yoko Ono’s heaviest primal screams. They put out one hell of a spirit-sucker soundtrack LP to our stoned-out fever-pitches, I’m excited to see them back again, rumor has it they are ten times heavier than ever before.

This is coming up as part of the Archer’s Guild monthly series put together by Micah from the ever-hyperbolic band Glitter Wizard.

It’s a mere $6 for the whole show. That’s $2 a band, fucking highway robbery. I’ll be playing records before, between and after the bands, which I’m very excited about cuz I’ll get to see a show I would have gone to see and drink beer at anyway… for free. yyeeeeaah.

Comment by andy

I think Benji may forget about his two (treat?) buddies that live across the hall from him when he moves to his new empire. Will he visit us?

Comment by ava

I’ll never forget and I will always love you and adore you and invite you to come treat everyday. i would quite literally be dead without my beloved ava and jones. we will only forge stronger bonds, tis the only option darlingsssssss

Comment by treatshq

jacuzzi time? yes!

Comment by joey

Comment by tyratliff

I am happy as well. or am i the indentured servant? i sure hope i am the servant or something like that

Comment by panty surprise package

Let me know if you need help with the move. I’ll be teachin’ most of August, but not all of it. happy to help out. — R

Comment by Rob

Indentured Servitude is indeed happy time.

Comment by Indentured Servant

An indentured servant is a form of debt bondage worker. The laborer is under contract of an employer for usually three to seven years, in exchange for their transportation, food, drink, clothing, lodging and other necessities. Unlike a slave, an indentured servant is required to work only for a limited term specified in a signed contract.[1]

The labor-intensive cash crop of tobacco was farmed in the American South by indentured laborers in the 17th and 18th centuries.[2] Indentured servitude was not the same as the apprenticeship system by which skilled trades were taught, but similarities do exist between the two mechanisms, in that both require a set period of work.

Comment by treatshq

This all sounds correct. Indentured Servitude is dreamy.

Comment by Indentured Servant

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