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MIA benji : a touch of madness from grass valley & MALOSSI

i wanted this to be the song by the modern lovers “astral plane” cause thats where I, i mean we, some of us treaters have been, but i can’t find it and roadrunner is pretty good theme for these past weeks of pure madness.  HQ is alive and well, new workers taking notes, taking them twice, everything is nice, too many daze of too much love and fun. life is for ? wanna tell me?



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the modern lovers are why i got up this morninn. astral plane got me through high school and under that umbrella up there. jonathan richman thank you sirrrrr. maroc gang oh yes can’t wait ! ! ! !!

Comment by confuserrrr


was the opening background song on all of my radio shows at KDVS, oh yes.

gotta get me some malossi treats soon. mmm.

Comment by Andy

What does this have to do with Grass Valley?

Comment by Calvin

i got kidnapped by a lil persian princess from grass valley and taken off into midnite moonlight adventures till dawn, plus most everyone i know from grass valley nevada city yuba city has a touch of the beautiful madness to them no matter how hard they might try to hide it. i lived in truckee for three years so i met lots of those lovely beautiful crazies.

Comment by treatshq

Oh right on;. I was born and raised in Nevada City. Weirdest/awesomest place on earth.

Comment by Calvin

for sure you are correct nevada city is the epicenter of ……. something?

Comment by treatshq

top notch picks!

Comment by johnny walker

he’ll wilt like a delicate rose beneath the heat and glare of the cruel sun.

Comment by stever

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