treats flash

2000 pounds of parts then the spits

rad o yesterday we got one pallet of treatsies plus 41 other boxes of goodies sorted through all of it, updated the inventory found lotsa new treat I never seen then went on a  massive wild treats gang adventure

first :

brian my love the confuser drives around and we pick up lots of treats gangers and some loves some tequila and head to the de young to see our friends thee oh sees play

its funny seeing what that song becomes in another environment ahah yeah ripppppers

somehow we lose stoney, no big surprise there

then onto nacho fest at el farolito a giant bottle of tequila and

yeahhhhhh the spits!!!!!!!

i really wish i could find the lyrics to this song it is soooo rad

lots of fun amd trashin holdin on tight to monster squad so I didn;t get to mauled yeahhh good nights in treatland


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i love i love fun fridayyyyy

the spits oh yesss oh yeaaa ! ! so good

Comment by confuserrrr

I got lost in the warhol exhibit and then rode the fulton 5 to the 22 then to serranos pizza, then i ate yamo again then snickers then a ice creams

Comment by minister

you treated without us? you rat for this banishment forever

Comment by treatshq

yo that spits song is on the 19 million AC record with lyrics

Comment by johnny walker

yeah I just wanted to copy and past the lyrics I got the record but its at HQ and I was in bed yooooo! that records sick, it was lil byran previous master of shippings favorite record. sometimes he would ship from 2am to 8am and just listen to that the whole time while drinking soda pop. weirdo

Comment by treatshq

sounds rad and agreed that record is top notch, say them do tons of partys in austin during sxsw…. serious party animals….what isnt rad is that ya’ll dont have clutch pullers!!!!!!!!!

Comment by johnny walker

2000lbs? that alot of parts! sucks cause I anit got no moneys for anything right now. I couldnt even get a pack of yummy gum at the store today!


Comment by brandon love!?!

Thanks for posting the spits song! Was an awesome show & the Bananas weren’t to shabby either.

Comment by Justin

pure bliss for benji, yayo

Comment by treatshq

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