treats flash

treats inside connection results are in

its funny where the inside connections of treatland reach to. next time you watch cnn or vote in an election question the wording. hmm. this is way too rad.. treated. 8 times? thanks buck!! yeahhh rip it up.

haaa love you guys

and some people wonder why we denied wired magazine their article they wanted to do on us,haaa suckas cause we dont want that, this is what we want = tru love.


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Comment by brendanM

Oh Buck, so amazing.

Comment by Kiarash Zarezadeh

I would have loved to read an article in wired =/

Comment by conrad


Comment by peter


Comment by Ando

Yeahhhhh….that was great.

Whats so rad about current sat and 3 hour sat?

Comment by bill

unbelievable. ha ha. i wonder if his coworkers or news crew noticed his excessive treat subliminal advertising

Comment by Jason W

you got the love my dude.


Comment by BrandonLove

Sorry, yall, had to take it down, potential job’s news director called today and questioned it. Hope everyone enjoyed it while it was up.

Comment by Buck_

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