treats flash

sedation for benji

so tomorrow i have to get put to sleep at the hospital for the day for them to do their surgery thing and fix me up so my fingers work again. i can’t say i am too excited, i hope to awaken. If not so long sweet world haaaaaa. SO if you have any immediate needs contact I’m going to be at l’hopital for a day or so. shipping and such is running in tip top but I cannot email if I am sedated and in morphine sleep oko? yeah. if i sleep the eternal sleep it will surely be to the so,undtrack of christian death, i. th,i.nk? like theater of pain yeahhhh. all this for ? haaaa suckas. at least its pretty clear who clearly is insanely lame. I could tell some exciting tales about the near future but instead I am going to eat treats yeahhhh!


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West Seattle <3’s you !

Comment by westseattleryan

Surgery sucks. I’m recovering from surgery myself. I feel for you brosepf.

Comment by not fun

i do hope you awake, and i wish you a very speedy recovery.. but as i always say, everything is better InDreams.
what do you know, a video with a recognizable song, from that one movie- yessir, my favorite movie.. ahh yes here is that link. enjoy my good sir! šŸ™‚

Comment by elliottG

ahhh just my luck! maybe this works better?

make sure you can hear the song šŸ™‚

Comment by elliottG

take care, benji … you will be fine … I think when it’s all done your finger will be even more magical and you will be able to conjure up even more moped parts …

Comment by Rob

Get well soon Benji.

Comment by Mojo!

gettin’ anestetized (wow spelled that one on the first try o.O; )is kinda not so bad =P

Enjoy what you can from it.. it’s a fairly unique experience… in my experience anyway.. limited as they may be… You’ll wake up remembering counting backwards from 100… but you’ll be in a different room… like time travel, it’s a little disorenting, but… not at all scary good sir.

You’ll be fine =P

we ā¤ you!

Comment by Casey G

You’ll do fine. Wake up to a cute nurse. Not so bad. Best to ya.

Comment by bill

come on updates, how is Benji doing?

Comment by Ian T

^ well enough to make it WB2 it seems.

Comment by bill

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