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peoples who owe HQ lotsa cash
April 14, 2009, 08:25
Filed under: AMAZING TALES, cobra

guess what dudes! I need your cash ! so email me! now! now! own up rats! billz time! and its not for my rare records collection. do it.


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Come on guys, pay up. Benji helped you out in a time of need and now he needs your help. PAY UP!!!

Comment by bill

Yea! we all know that: deadbeats not paying up = less happy benji = less mind churning = less plotting = less moped parts conjured = less mopeds alive = no happy times anyywhere

Comment by chasper

Comment by lowbrow

I don’t owe you money, but I wish I had money to just give you. my feeling on people who manage to create beautiful things in the world we live in is that they should be fully funded. people should just give them money to do what they do. and you, my friend, deserve to be fully funded for what you’ve created.

Comment by Rob

can i pay in advance for the flux capacitor for my motobecane?
mvt ignition? nah, flux capacitor is where it’s at.

Comment by brendanM

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