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benji = broken
April 14, 2009, 07:39
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i had the fun of getting my finger/hand broken at the la rally by some goon and then rebroken again at the hospital alas they couldn’t make it straight so i get to have surgery and will not be at the rally with my beloved bandits. sorry dudes. ill come visit some other time my loves. i will instead be getting some nice metal pins in my hand, at least i know who to send the bill to tho, rad. in the meantime please take it easy on the questions as i cant type and i am the one who answers all the emails. we will be raffling off our stock of ninja and doppler stickers to pay for my hospital billz + time taken away from work + all the treats i need so i don;t get to skinny. it should be about $5 a ticket. ha suckas. seal the deal. i mean what a steal of a deal? i mean what? rad. i love my life. but for real, i cannot type so please try just for the next few weeks to keep your questions with your fellow mopeders, i would love to answer them as always but it is physically impossbile tp tyerepa pretrytyy amuahchadasd akada you get it?


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best luck with the hand surgery my dudeclaus

Comment by mycon DEEP

Shit man, hope you heal quick! If you want, you can call me up and delegate, and i’ll type for ya 😉 ❤

May your finger grow to be strong and straight and… useable!

Comment by Casey G

nooooooooooo! feel better soon duder. louisville will still be here, even after the rally. this is a ploy to get undivided bandit attention isn’t it? juuuuust kidding. feel better buddy!

Comment by maggie bandit

weak sauce!

Comment by cuperzacko

louisville will be full of love for you hoping for lighting recovery! hopefully you still can go to the flipper show yeah!

Comment by brendanm

sending healing vibes your way. heal up, brother.

Comment by Rob

man, here’s wishing you the best. bright side…good drugs and hopefully cute nurses….

Comment by bill

Shit happens ,,,in April!,,,,,,,,,,yup.
hmmm, maybe talk 2 text software?

Comment by lowbrow

Total bummer Benji 😦
Heal up quickly and don’t over do the pain meds as tempting at that can be 😉

Comment by finny

by all means, over do the pain meds … in fact, do you want some more?

Comment by Rob





Comment by justin

I feel bad hearing you got hurt. Probably not nearly as bad as you feel, though, actually getting your hand messed up.

Hope whatever you were doing was worth it ?
Remember, Right Tool for the Right Job !

If the boss pipes & foot pegs I won on eBay before you got broken got through customs, maybe you can get your lowly minions to ship them out to me.

Most important, though, is that you get better at whatever pace you need to. Maybe eating a kinda big tomato would help ?

Comment by Glenn in Raleigh

thanks man!! don;t worry shipping dept is on it, let me know if there are any issues thanks for all the well wishes my loves! only 8 weeks till i can moped, ughhhhh

Comment by treatshq

Well, you said let you know if there are any issues.

No pipes or pegs arrive here not yet been a while help.

maybe shipping dept has forgot ?

Comment by Glenn in Raleigh

hey benji,

Hope you get better.
Try herbal medicine.

Comment by Ryan

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