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April 9, 2009, 04:49
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(some peaceful music to listen to while you read)

todays TREATS informative post is going to be a little weird I’ll forewarn you.  we will delve into the history, some of the err, less controversial history of the formative days of creatures, treats gang, treats hq, treatland, and SF mopeding.  This will be accomplished with minimal references and lots of important things hastily passed over so as to make absolutely nothing really clear and everything debatable.  Its a tale I often have t0 tell at HQ and since my memory is failing me and I repeat myself cause I am slowly turning into a zombie nightcrawler I will put it to some words, or at least start to.

my moped tale begins in the south of france in the 60s when I was nonexistant and my parents had yet to even meet, actually na it begins on the battlefields of france.   my papa grew up in france amongst the graveyards of the world wars, the somme, his father worked for the royal graves commision taken care of the graveyards of british soldiers.  After school in england my papa returned to normandy france, I don’t remember..I’ll have to ask him.. but I hear lots of tales of hitchhikin around, sleepin in fields and under bridges, hitching to visit his parents and sister (who by that time had moved to iraq continuing to work for the royal graves commission), AND MOST IMPORTANTLY riding a 60s mobylette.   I can’t get the details out of the rat, but after administering a truth serum it seems he had some kinda moby toptank.  then again he knows top tanks are rad so maybe he’s just trying to impress me.  Around the same time, perhaps a few years later my mother was livin in the south of france studying away drifting around her lil village on a velo solex, yellow I believe. I ask them to find the photos all the time, but so far no luck. Eventually they met in some bar on the border of spain/france, but thats not really part of this tale, cause my ma had crashed her solex and my dad can’t remember anything about his moby. that’s all for that part of this lil tale. after all i wasn’t even born yet.

we next move a few thousand kms and 35 some years later onwards to the aeolian islands off the coast of italy where I met my first love this beauteous german girl …on the literal tip of the most active volcano in europe and one of my favorite places on the planet, stromboli (we watched explosions all night long and ate cookies, I fell asleep dreaming about her and manifested her into my life, spent 3 years driftin in germany and asia with her blah blah) Eventually we split ways and she left to burkina faso in west africa to do her internship in hospitals, studying and treating preeclampsia.  bless her soul.  For those not in the know burkina faso is THE moped capital of the freakin world.  Its hacker land of amazement n in my fantasies they make better than doppler clutch pulleys by hand and most grandmas would dust anyone you know.

burkina stylee

Ougadougou is the capital city of Burkina Faso but also the Mecca of mopeds. In fact there are four times the number of mopeds as cars – the people of Burkina Faso can claim to be the biggest moped users on the continent. It is a bustling city of over a million people, traffic jams, bicycles and, of course, the continual buzz of thousands of mopeds. “

burkina tales

So I started hearing all these tales of mopeds and mopeds and mopeds and mopeds and dust and how her bike broke down every single day and dust and mopeds and mopeds and from there…yeahhhhhhh.  I got my first magnum for like $350, but I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it cause I still confused carburetor with crank with condensor and such… so I traded up to a $400 minty mocha gold magnum, the same one I still ride everyday. graham got a sick sachs g3, and with that the creatures began.

while the creatureflash may state the creatures formed from some sludge in the loin/civic center main library bathroom, the roots of the creatures and early SF mopeding whether anyone wants to hear it or not come from west africa, burkina faso to be precise.  take pride my friends.  prior to the creatures I think there was only chris paz cruising the streets of SF all by his lonesome poor lil fella, at least thats how it seems.  our adventure will later move onto the LOIN, MAROC, 24th and harrison, 30th and california, TREATS formation (more so defamation) and some other places but for now this is the END of part 1.


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i’ve heard bitzz before… but alas, i can’t wait for part 2. the thought of some lil grannie dustin’ everyone is goin to amuse me for quite some time. an the real question… can she corner like stoney?

Comment by bryan

i pretty much love reading your blog benji.

Comment by mattology


Comment by rockleskhz

when’s the next burkina rally?? I think we get a discount if we do a group buy on plane tix!

Comment by brooks

i dream that one day i will have the ability to see this island of Stromboli that you speak of.. sigghhh jealousy sinks in of your travels/wanderings.

Comment by elliott

Benji, I read that story for a break from writing my own for class. Amazing, and quite trance like. After reading it, I wonder if you have a story tellers voice that can calm a person and make them sit for the breadth of your tales. If so, I will bring a pillow along with me next to SF and listen to the tales of Benji.

Comment by Josh Rosengren

dude so rad that’s my fav faust song!!!

Comment by brandon

that’s my second or third favorite faust song, but it’s a good one.
love ya b

Comment by terrydean

so much enlightenment!

Comment by michael

My friend worked peace core in Burkina Faso, I’ve heard many stories. I wonder if she encountered your lady friend during this time.

Comment by Andy

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