treats flash

things I found when I was cleaning my room at 3 am

cuperteens time to tell the world, tell it all. tell it tru my lil loves

bling = rip it up. years in the making. finally.


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when when when when, p.s. i ❤ u.

Comment by hawkns

hey Benji, do ya think I could throw this on the Sabre? that would rock!!!

Comment by Rob

yes I think it will bolt on a sabre, I know it bolts on my allstate sport 60, but i designed it with these multi universal intentions

Comment by treatshq

Are you gonna sell those magical boxes separate from the whole thing? I wanna try one on the tsm =P

Comment by Casey G

the magical boxes is what we are still working on.

Comment by treatshq

I got a sneak peek at one the other day. I’m very excited!

Comment by Responsible Jon

Awesome! I am totally going to do my best to get one. Totally.

Comment by Trux

bling for $99 it won’t be hard will it? start selling those puch points condensors flywheels n stators on ebay NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by treatshq

add my name to the list… when they come out, I want one !
Treatland FTW !

Comment by paul

awesome … can’t wait to try it out …

Comment by Rob

can you contact me when they are available, is the lightong coil 12v?

Comment by moonshiner

12v 50 watts = raw power

Comment by treatshq

It kinda looks like a cookie, If I eat it will I go faster?

Comment by Justin

dude sign me up im IN

Comment by andrewhed

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