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April 6, 2009, 12:05
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yeahhhhh guess what just cause I CAN I’m having a sale.  after having been accused in la in front of hundreds of people of trying to “buy” my friends with cheap moped parts cause I am incapable of any other sort of like human friendship i guess? I’m going to see if it really works!  will it! won’t it?  lets find out!  wow!  coupon code — imhappy  10% off party on rockers. and enjoy the savings.  Its actually really beneficial cause it will mean I get to buy something rad I wanted to get for you all a few months ago and YES i have lost my mind.  long ago.  and NO I don’t need to buy my friends. I love my friends.  I adore them.  I would do anything for them.  just remember coupon code  imhappy  and then when you type it you MUST rember that you are happy.  cause you know what I am.  and you should be too.  and if you don’t think that when you type it the coupon WILL fail.  48 hours sale maybe more maybe less best not wait to find out or ?


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Comment by brendanM

Gah! Just after I bought something haha. No worries, I’ll find something else to get.

Comment by conrad

thank you Benji you make my heart sing! now for that ninja g3!

Comment by fig

Damnit! I spent like $350 last week.=[ No savings for this guy.

Comment by Ryan

It works, you just bought my friendship.

Comment by Quick

ha thanks so much. i knew it was possible to buy friendship. i just hadn’t figured out till now. yay! lets hope the grocery store has a sale! yay!

Comment by treatshq

HAPPINESS is 65mph on a moped all thanks to treatshq and Benji love you all

Comment by bryan

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