treats flash

i recorded my dreams last night, well today cause i fell asleep and then awoke at midnite

ira cohen, angus maclise mylar beauty early 60s

and then melody laughter  came into my mind

then I fell asleep again thinking about

shiny shiny boots of leather I really need to put some new ones on mine are thrashed or someone duct tape me up? like permanently? maybe better this way?

but i couldn’t sleep so the night went on, i am tired, I am weary I could sleep for  thousand years a thousand dreams that would awake me different colors made of tears kiss the boot of shiny shiny leather shiny leather in the dark good night my darlings.

taste the whip in love not given lightly now bleeed for me

oh and last night I was literally here in SF at SFAI no faust alas but tony conrad me stoney and jean, drinking cobras in the near back row tony conrad behind a sheet mesmerizing, shadows of entrancement, I shed a tear maybe two.  I gave them to jean to hold for me.  It was too intense. I had too much on my mind and it was like a dream come true, so I tried to tell tony conrad later in the evening and he tried to shake my hand and I’m like no sorry use the other this one is broken and he was like well I might break the other, but i said please, so he shook by hand, cloaked in white robes, i told him he made me shed a tear or two for beauty and then we wandered off into the night love not given lightly. wandered off alone into the night somehow its  6am wandering the streets trying to find my way home, too much on my mind too many places n people n feeling n failings. then i fall into some deep slumber and have these aforementioned dreams.


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i held tight to your tears, before they slipped away into the sea. they told me they to let them disappear form the pain and the glory, to find beauty in marginal solitude and adventure.

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