treats flash

VU time travel benji wishes

this is what is really going on in my mind at night and what is pulsing thru me when I work all night long and don’t sleep and write away and play in treatland.  i wannnna time travel.

sorry but I can no longer just post moped parts here if you want to just buy moped parts go ahead and ignore the rest of my ramblings and nonsenseeeeeeeeeee yeahhhhhhhhhhh

its all memories still fuzz overload love

so long andy


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i hope your fingers get better soon, duder ;(

Comment by joshua

meeee too it freaking hurts! and my neck is super thrashed from being thrown into a wall or something? hahah oh life yeahhhhH!!!!!!!!! I love life. everyday!

Comment by treatshq

Benji hope you get better . Dont let this bullshit get to you . We know who is behind it. There has never been anyone out there that has helped the moped world more than you .

Comment by Harry Hoppe

Yooo Benji man, Grand Rapids loves you mang. Thanks for alllll your dedication.

Yo its Harry Hoppe! The coolest guy in New York! He speaks the truth.

Comment by Pat

love the blog, love the website… treats crew is the illest.
benji, thank you for everything.. i hope everything works out, and you feel better boss!!

Comment by elliott

Benji, take care of yourself and hope you feel better soon. Please just ignore people who try to tear you down (though I know how hard it can be to do that). What you’ve created is extraordinary and I already told you, you’ve fucking changed my life … If there’s anything you ever need, please let me know.

Comment by Rob

thanks dudes! I am fine. I am just hurt emotionally cause I am a sad lil beast sometimes. I don’t take care of myself at all. Its probably obvious to those of you who see me daily. I work too much and stay up all night going on RAD adventures and I miss hanging out with you guys and having fun. fun fun fun. life life life. oh ya. lets start having more. and more and then more. and then even more. in fact on sunday I awoke and proposed to my friends I awoke in bed with (a few too many friends um I should not add) that each day of the week should be changed to FUNDAY no more monday, no more sunday, just FUNDAY. I’m going to do my best in mysterious ways to make everyday FUNDAY. fuck monday tuesday wed thur fri sat sunday, everyday is simply FUNDAY. here forth. FUNDAY. live it, deal with it suckas

Comment by treatshq

and by the way I reallllllly like the second part of this video like around 2:22 or so or something? I have the 30 min version, in fact I have the largest VU collection in SF noooooo doubt about it. 60 some recordings or more. but that beat resonates in me. I love watching those moments and wishing I was there. I don’t like dancing cause I am well just challenged, but I might have tried, yeahh i would have. it resonates in me. fully. totally.

Comment by treatshq

no 2:04 is the beat

Comment by treatshq

awesome … I have a ton of Warhol films in my collection … I am sure you have the reels (outtakes) where poor Moe is being tied to a chair … I’ve got like the official Italian DVD releases if you want any of that stuff… they were so expensive … I adore the 60’s Warhol films (not the 70’s ones by Paul Morrissey, which I also like) … I have even more on video, including “Bike Boy” … and, you know, I sold my original La Monte Young shit (box sets) on e-bay for tons and tons of moolah … crazy …

Comment by Rob

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