treats flash

why u go vanish at the rally?

got dragged off into the hillllss to see geneva jacuzzi at some lil house near taco king and not far from king burrito in echo eyyyyyy

and then all of a sudden dragggged off into the hills no idea where hill of la and the freakin homosexuals are playing and some other band that is sooooo on it i couldn’t believe it.  hypnotized, fully, entranced.  la is full of mystery and delight and hidden loves waiting to grab you and hold you tight all night long.

somehow the homosexuals got me in la two nights in a row, lots of hi speed magnum drivin down sunset in a trio of beauty astral glamour and three beautiful friends sunrises of bolivian mouthwash

silverish apppleas too got me

watch the whole thing and you will see some og 60s weird music gear that I was staring at swearing I could make half of the parts our of the wrecks in HQ and a old ruined dodge dart. 60s man, this is for ahead of anything. like a dream for me.

of course while I continue on this path I would like to say I would have loved to have been here :

and I was in the mental hospital at 13 but I missed this one

maybe tomorrow we’ll talk moped, maybe we won’t.  currently I’m more interested in letting you know the energies behind HQ and what I hear in my mind all day and night and where I been adrift. yeahhh so too bad if you wanted to find out about the new RAD PRODUCT WE ARE GOING TO RELEASE ANY DAY NOW.

what the fuck is this?

is that what it looks like? anyone notice some extremely fast puch bikes rippin in la? if not thats cause they dusted you or they were lost in astral glamour. git ready girlz.


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I hope the little pink bunnies you were traveling with lead you safely out of the forest BenGino. Rad times in Cali for sure.

Comment by MFTravis

ohhh ya bak to the wonders of treatland!!! yayyyyyooo!!!! finally!!!! lovely hanging out with yaaaaaaaaaaa

Comment by treatshq

silver apples are so awesome … seriously, I am more jealous of missing that than the Homo’s … and, you know, Lux Lives!

Comment by Rob

I saw Silver Apples (or simian rather), in Davis years ago, and opened for The Homosexuals a couple weeks ago at my friends’ house. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen. They played full-force unbelievably for over an hour, at what must have been one of their best shows since the ol’ days. Three cheers for Bruno Wizard, a true guru.

Comment by Andy

can’t forget this one….

Comment by Andy

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