treats flash

what is going on here?

usps magazine photo shoot “shipper of the year” ok just joking but for real usps magazine photo shoot.

finally my dreams come true.



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Check out that mailman’s gold chain!

Comment by Pat

Where is rufus and jimmy?

Comment by Mike

who would have thought benji was a middle aged asian man with a mustache and tie, I mean he must be because he’s so excited about the photoshoot.

Comment by cuperzacko

Totally Awesome Benji. Can we get some shots of the inside of the warehouse? My mouth is getting wet at the thought of seeing all of those treats in one place.

Comment by Tim Robbins


Comment by conrad

Who IS that asian fella? I don’t quite understand how he fits in lol was he just walkin’ by? o.O;

Comment by Casey G

thats our pickup driver, me, and one of the executive heads of the USPS in SF. Its for an article and photo shoot they are doing on treats hq shipping dept, no joke. it will go out to 73,000 people, rad !

Comment by treatshq

does anyone know which issue? I have some family that works for the USPS i could try and get a copy or something and post it on the forums.

Comment by Edmund

its coming out in a month or two. we’ll have copies. we have the article I will add it in tomorrow or so!! yeahhhh!!!! rado!!

Comment by treatshq

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