treats flash

treats gang OG stylee for real

better believe it or you won’t believe the next entry when we blow up your minds. or maybe it will be later this week cause I just made the next entry and it isn’t that mind blowing.  but later this week. get ready girlz.  any guesses?

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Tatooed hooters. Almost as good as in stock performance parts.

Comment by bill

a line of ascots: the davey collection? … headbands? …Reiko Ike mini skirts and go-go boots … with weapons …

Comment by Rob

300mm rear shocks will be in stock?

Comment by conrad

sea monkeys?

Comment by Casey G

Cuperteen Cockadiles: just add … Well, somethin’ … Kinda like sea monkeys only pointier.

Comment by rob

mmm how about red scarfs, imported japanese knifes, and ropes so we can drag our enemies (or friends) behind our mopeds?

Comment by conrad

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