treats flash

a flipper song I listen to a lot at work

Ever live a life that’s real
Full of zest, but no appeal
Ever want to cry so much
You want to die
Ever feel that you’ve been had
Had so much that you turn mad
Ever been depressed that
(to) those you turn to, you bring distress
Ever sit in tormenting silence
That turns so loud, you start to scream
Ever take control of a dream
And play all the parts and set all the scenes
Ever do nothing and gain nothing from it
Ever feel stupid and then know that you really are
Ever think you’re smart and then find out you aren’t
Ever play the fool and then find out that you’re worse
Ever look at a flower and hate it
Ever see a couple
kissing and get sickened by it
Ever wish the human race didn’t exist
And then realize you’re one too
Well, have you … ever .. I have
So What

not the same song but oh well I listen to flipper as much as I can except when roofie tries to make me listen to his rave.

a quote “This, in brief, was the band’s concept: to be bad in ways that no band had ever been bad before. Causing some to later label Flipper as “Limp Dick Core” or, “music to fail at having sex to. However, in true Flipper fashion, they even failed to fail, and their audience continued to grow as their outlandish approach appealed to those seeking something different.”

this video was filmed in the tenderloin in the early 80s, loin yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! treats of the loin!!!!

RIP will shatter

in a good way everything. nothing but excitement at HQ this week.

in other bizarre treats musical news treats gang found themselves at the most ammmmmaazzzzing show on saturday night in la at part time punks the freakin silver apples and homosexuals, what the fuck. like a dream. midway thru the homosexuals show the words “TREATS” and “TREATS FOR LIFE” came out of the pa, amazing, how did this happen? hmm. suspicious. before the show we spent life half an hour talking to bruno of the homosexuals, giving him a treats cupcake pin and receiving this amazing blast of inspirational spik, we were enlightened, nothing less. thanks bruno for taking the time to talk to us. we were blastin back full throttle down sunset ridin doubles near death and stopped there. i still can’t believe the show. so unbelievable. the night before we ended up lost waaaaaaaaaaaaaay up in the hills of la somewhere I have no idea where until 5 in the AM at a house party the homosexuals and this as of yet unnamed band played. we made sure to stay till the end of the night and finish all the liquor we could find. it was ridiculous. memories to treasure forever. and ever. all night. long. sleep, ha. stoney fest 09 is in the works, be ready, sponsored by either T.R.E.A.T.S. or no. (thats a store retardos). the night is young 5am or is the morning early?


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Benji, you really know how to make me cry like a little girl … sob, actually …. uncontrollably …. why. wasn’t. I. there? how? fucking how? arghhhh …. this is the best quote I found from the SA show “This is a song I wrote for children … children who do acid and play with knives, that is” … yes, the psychedelic children of treats …. OMFG … I fail so hard right now ….

Comment by Rob

hhah no fail, we will do what we can to make it happen STONEY FEST O9 get ready GIRLS, total madness and all dreams come true. yes yes yes

Comment by treatshq

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