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rally time yeahhhhhh + photo shoot
March 25, 2009, 14:09
Filed under: AMAZING TALES, parts updater, shipping dept, treat lore, treat theory, usps

as you may have guessed most of the treatslanderia operation will be closed for the weekend due to the rally in LA, we expect to be back shipping on monday, so thursday at like 3pm is the last time orders will go out till tuesday probably.  sorrrrrry. don’t worry we will be freaking out about having to ship that much and will be on triple shift when we return.  If you want hold off on your orders till next tuesday since you know they won’t be shipped till then, but they will be shipped with the quickness.  believe it or NOT the USPS is coming to HQ today to do a photo shoot for their magazine with me for our rad insane shipping operation, that my friends, is how good the treats HQ shipping dept is.  even the govt wants to take my photo, wow. ha, its too funny.  my moment of fame, finally, my dreams come true.


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