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states that hate treatslanderiaeasss – WINNERS
March 6, 2009, 15:05
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ROCKY!!! you win!!!! $5  WHY or WHY oming!!!!

cuperteen zacko my man, you already won your gifts last time at HQ, but I’ll buy you a taco so you don’t get anything for ALABAMA!!!

CAPTAIN TODD !!! you win!!!  $2.5 since you had to gueses and one was wrong bummer dude! WHY or WHY oming!!!

to collect your funds make a purchase at HQ and remind me I owe ya.  good work girlz

Thats $7.5 given away in prize money!  WOWOWWWWWO  I should have a raffle? no?


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Comment by PT PEDDY CA$H

good guess pat, but this game is over so I will actually have to fine you $15, I will collect later tonight or you can just give me that maxi. ok fine just give me 100 raffle tickets and ensure i win. deal, great!!

Comment by treatshq

yaay, free taco!

Comment by Zack

I’m a human Wikipedia.

Comment by Rocky

Where R the coupons???? I know they’re here someplace. Am pulling my hair out trying to find them. Oh wait…can’t do that. Pulled it all out more than 30 years ago.

And how do i get a free taco?

Comment by bill

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