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spend all the cash you don’t have ! oh joy!
March 6, 2009, 18:54
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yo rockers, I set up the credit card processing with ultra 1028923791824134817461384 megagigabithypersytlee encryption level (this is a new product that just came out!!) so you can now shop, oh shop away using paypal, cash, or any credit card and not worry about anything … except going into eternal debt yeahhhh!!!! actually PLEASE FEED YOURSELF FIRST.  As always for our local lovers (both literal, uh, and not) you can grab what ya want online, pay, and then choose “in store pickup” so your goodies n treatsies will be there waiting for you.  LOTS of rare items always so its not a bad idea to shop on the site and grab things before they vanish.  like that half eaten chimichanga. and don’t worry I am not planning on changing “in store pick up” to “in store pick up + bring me a king cobra or taco” , yet.  soon though, na. don’t worry


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