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states that hate treatslanderieas
March 5, 2009, 04:34
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if you can guess which state is the only state NOT to visit so far you get a free $1 gift certificate and a phone call from jimmy!!!! what state?  there’s two, if you guess both you get $2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  thats almost 1/7 of a cock


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alabama and arkansas?

Comment by cuperzacko

north dakota and wyoming

Comment by mipark56

100% Wyoming.

Comment by Rocky

north dakota and mississippi?

Comment by MickR

Maine! and probobly mississippi.

Comment by joseph.p

alaska and wyoming

Comment by captain todd

alaska and hawaii?

Comment by edrocs

its got to be rhode island and montana

Comment by joshua

north and south dakota!

Comment by ray

Maine and alaska


Comment by SABAT!


Comment by jesse

Rhode Islandand Alaska

Comment by Craig

hrmm… Idaho looks pretty suspicious

Comment by Conrad

Gotta be Montana, but now that’s changed since I showed up!

Comment by j fox

gotta be california

Comment by Ryan


Comment by maxspam

vermont and Michigan man!!! or North dakota too damn cold in them thar parts….

Comment by Chrispy

Hawaii and Rhode Island.

Oh wait…is Washington DC a state? I know Obama doesn’t ride a ped.

Comment by bill

Alaska and ……Utah

Comment by browning

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