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HQ SHIPPIN DEPT =serious shit
February 26, 2009, 06:52
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i am so freakin tired of all these videos n movies n such, man the pressure of being a .tv is getting to me. however as we now have like a squadron of forklifts roamin HQ and uh treat st, the master of shippin dept, the one you can blame for all your wrong packages and lost shipments asked me to show you this visual representation of what a day of shipping at HQ can be like.  take note, not a single package makes it out the door through this visual.  so bless the shipping dept and bless yer packages, you don’t know what goes into getting all those boxes out the door.  this could very well have been filmed in HQ and that could be me roofie n jimmy, but its not. be thankful. good work rockers. yeahhhhh.  my question which will earn you a 5% discount on your next purchase is this … jimmy is > or < klaus?


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jimmy is Nickolas or fuzzy, its up to what language.

Comment by joshua jones

haha wow

Comment by PT PEDDY CA$H

i thought this might be silly, but damn! Germans are crazy about safety. I hope treatland is a little safer.

Comment by cuperzacko

when I think of Jimmy I hear this song in my head

Comment by DrTimeBomb

did I fail? again? try this.

Comment by DrTimeBomb

I dunno, Klaus is pretty rad. How many people do you know of that can take out that many guys with a single forklift?
Then again, a factory splattered with blood and mutilated carcasses does us no good whatsoever, so I’m gonna have to go with Jimmy > Klaus on this one. At least an incorrect moped part is a faded sparkle of hope for some. A dude’s head in a box would just make me afraid of ever receiving ‘treats’ again.

Comment by angeliqueee!

angeliqueee! wins!!!!!!!!!!! claim your prize!!!!

Comment by treatshq

Sweet! Do I win a grill cheese sammich, too?

Comment by angeliqueee!


Comment by treatshq

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