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early treats daze, lore, n such, mini non info guide
February 25, 2009, 16:48
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two early treats movies, since this is n all
early treats daze, some remembered some not

our fellow treater heidi shot this on cross processed 16mm many many moons ago, lots of long lost treaters to be seen from the early daze of haze, valley that is. this was harolds n mcbains garage endeavor extrordinaire, the first attempt at a truly cooperative garage right in the center of SF, good work dudes! it was 24 hour beautiful horrific insanity everday. I think this is like 2006 or something, ancient history practically, but most of these lil beauties still pass through HQ throughout the course of our shipping daze. some tho are MIA, if you see them tell them to phone home.

Threre’s even a rare split second glimpse of west coast mopeds benjammin, one of the great forefathers of SF mopeding, and early bay area moped hacker wizard who loved to give his mopeds great names like outrageous conduct (see below). he dusted us all and taught us more than anyone else here in the early days.  He was onto watercooled derbi variants and insanely fast hobbits with vespa scooter kits on them like 3 years ago, precogniscent mannn. he and his criminal hacker partner eric pillaged the streets of san jose making deals with tweakers for $50 bikes , bought out two or three dusty out of business 70s junk heaped moped stores, and brought literally hundreds of bikes to SF to be immediately dispersed throughout the city. lots of the current bikes in SF can still be traced back through their lineage to west coast ben. yep. not that anyone keeps track of such things. ohh well


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awww …. love the second vid. I’ve seen the first before. totally rad. time travel that shit. very beautiful!

Comment by DrTimeBomb

I got an 8mm, future times?

Comment by Andy

Ah the good ol’ days. Those days were some of the best times of my life. I thank you all for them. Those memories will last forever.

Comment by Ben Jammin

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