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why is treatland a tv when there no telly to watch man?

taking into consideration near daily I am besieged by requests on where the telly is on cause like I can’t tune in n my reception is bad n fuzzy n stuff I have decided to tackle this most controversial of questions.  just why is treatland, the greatest worst moped superstore in the galaxy, a .tv ?  Is this just another lame marketing gimmick on the part of the treatland dept of weights n measures? is the minister of disinformation somehow behind this?  were you drunk and in the gutter again brainstorming in a stormdrain? while all plausible reasons, I must say you’re wrong on all counts.  my answer is this :

for those not in the know, this is an islet of the nation of tuvalu

while most of you may think the .tv suffix is a product of the republic of tuva, that rad land i always wanted to visit near mongolia, where throat singing comes from (i witnessed this once in a church in berlin, yep)

… yer wrong, the .tv has nothing to do with throat singing or NBC ABC CNN MTC STD OR VD it is the domain suffix of tuvalu a small group of islets in the south pacific. The extra cash we pay to be a .tv (they cost a little more than other domains) goes into a fund, or at least it better go into a fund once all the legal issues are sorted out, to help the people of tuvalu relocate and defend themselves from the ever rising oceans, as the highest point in all of tuvalu is only 4.5 meters, making it the second lowest nation in the world. I will not make mention of my magnums pollution affect on any of this, or I won’t be able to sleep, as I already can’t.


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