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tomos a55 HPI CDI ignition
February 3, 2009, 05:09
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tomos hpi a55 CDI release

HPI internal ignition for a55, um pretty sure, at least thats the word on the street.

same light coil as the puch, have fun yeahhhh

here begins our discoveries of the day series where we note semi interesting and uninteresting things that may appear in treatland, or not, maybe.

on a side note 2 curve HPI coils for puch and ? are in stock now too, but ya gotta wait for roofie to make the photo before we can put them in the store, cause he’s too busy making the website. like $50 or something. very interesting lil technologically advanced future tech from dutchland 80s probably. ok maybe 90s but anyway 2 curves, put a switch and switch your curves when yer in the curves or if you are on the run from the fuzz and need a blast o low or hi end power, hmm, but speaking of the fuzz….

stoney is in jail so the ASK STONEY section of the treats ticket info section is experiencing delays until he is out. don’t worry he assures us he is ok, last seen naked on mission st, 3am friday is the word i heard, we miss him, come home safe lil one.


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Free Stoney! Gonna need that limiter when the cops be havin pocket dyno’s!!!

Comment by PT PEDDY CA$H

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