treats flash

treats flash
January 15, 2009, 04:13
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treats flash

a random exploration of the rare, unusual, useful and useless delights to be found within the catacombs of HQ – some old, some new, but always interesting


interesting sample of mid 80s buzzeti super technology, apparently a kickstart mechanism for peugeot 103 bikes utilizing not only spring technology but, gasp, patented SHOCKING pink pegs technology as well. This vintage sample resides safely in the frenchie section of the treatland museum de mechanique of rare and unusual moped delights. One of only two known pieces from our collection of NOS dead stock.



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j, r, b, you guys are some of the best, you know.

Comment by terrydean

whoa killer! the forceful yet voluntary homoligation towards scoots or somethin CRAZZZYYYYY

Comment by Peter

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